Reflecting on Community

We wanted to share a snapshot from Lilongwe, Malawi to showcase how we work with communities to create lasting change.

For changes in education to succeed, the whole community needs to be involved. That’s why Link involves them at every stage of our work, empowering them to become education advocates and to support learners.

As part of our TEAM Girl Malawi project, we recently held reflection meetings with communities to update them on our progress as well as to listen to their concerns and challenges. These meetings usually involve parents, traditional leaders and members of our community learning centre management committees. Here’s what they had to say:

As one of the traditional leaders, I feel honored to be involved in this project. Many thanks to Link through TEAM Girl Malawi for organising such meetings that englighten us on what we need to improve in ensuring our children get the best education.

Chibwenza – Traditional Leader

We are trying our best to follow up on issues affecting learner’s attendance at the community education centres, however we also need the help of parents and guardians so that together we build the future for our learners.

Alinafe – Learning Centre Committee Member

“We appreciate all the work Link is doing through TEAM Girl Project in ensuring that every child has access to quality education in our different communities. Education remains one great tool in development and to ensure this development is sustained, we need to continue involving the communities at every stage.”

Webstes – Community Development Officer, Lilongwe City Council

I am a proud Mother Group Member. One of our roles is to ensure that learners are encouraged to attend CBE. We also make sure that we are caring for learners with babies so that having a child should not in any way hinder the education of a girl child.  We really want our girls to be educated so that they can be role models to their siblings in future.

Malita – Mother Group Member