We transform lives through learning in sub-Saharan Africa

Link is Scotland’s leading international education charity, working to improve the futures of people living in some of the most marginalised communities in the world.

We improve the life chances of thousands of children

Our work brings hope to vulnerable communities, helping them become more resilient and escape the cycle of poverty. We focus on raising standards of teaching and learning in schools, as well as building life skills and promoting inclusion for the most marginalised. We’re working towards a world where all children have access to good quality education, giving them a strong foundation to build a brighter future.

increase in the number of schools across Dedza and Mchinji districts of Malawi that met or exceeded national standards for school self-evaluation and improvement
increase in girls’ numeracy assessment scores, on average, during Link’s first girls’ education project in Ethiopia against the project’s targets when compared to non-project schools
20 hours
of individualised support for early years teachers in Buliisa and Hoima, Uganda, districts contributed to improvements in literacy skills for 4,795 learners

more project schools met minimum standards for students’ learning outcomes according to findings at the end of our project in Rwanda

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We operate across sub-Saharan Africa

With a presence in Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda we work with schools, communities and local government partners to enable broad system changes while also meeting the need for more tailored, localised support to overcome specific challenges.

Link is working to address gender inequality and improve the quality of education available in rural regions of Ethiopia.

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Link is improving access to quality education and enhancing every level of the education system in Uganda.

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Link is helping to develop a standardised school inspection system while empowering communities to support school improvement.

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Link is transforming education by improving schools, promoting inclusion and empowering communities for sustainable change in Malawi.

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How we make a difference

Our approach recognises that many related changes are required to help all children learn and to have a sustainable, long-term impact where we work. We use this as a starting point for planning, adapting to the needs of each project as required.

Improving education is a process that constantly evolves – not a one-off project that can be delivered within a short timeframe. It requires change within communities, within schools and within the education system to make education beneficial for all children.

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They say if you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. If you teach a man to fish you give him food for life, just like the project changed our lives forever. It brings change for a lifetime. They have given what cannot be lost, no one can take it away from us.

Female Teacher, Ethiopia