We make schools better

We make education better so children learn skills to improve their lives.

We improve the life chances of thousands of children

Every year thousands of learners achieve more in hundreds of Link-supported primary and  secondary schools, and non-formal learning spaces.

Girls, other vulnerable learners, and out of school youth are better educated and equipped for life.

2022-2023 highlights:

learners reached
schools and learning centres supported
community members engaged
teachers and school leaders trained
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Where we work

Link Education is a group of non-profit organisations supporting system change in Malawi, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda. Delivered by national teams through local structures, our model harnesses government and community resources for sustained impact.

Link Education consists of four local partners – Link Community Development Uganda and Malawi, both independent and governed by national Boards, Link Education Ethiopia and Link Education International.

Link is working to address gender inequality and improve the quality of education available in rural regions of Ethiopia.

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Link is improving access to quality education and enhancing every level of the education system in Uganda.

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Link is helping to develop a standardised school inspection system while empowering communities to support school improvement.

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Link is transforming education by improving schools, promoting inclusion and empowering communities for sustainable change in Malawi.

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How we make a difference

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They say if you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. If you teach a man to fish you give him food for life, just like the project changed our lives forever. It brings change for a lifetime. They have given what cannot be lost, no one can take it away from us.

Female Teacher, Ethiopia