Empowering Marginalised Girls

By building basic literacy and numeracy skills and supporting girls’ transition into further education, training or employment.

TEAM Girl Malawi (Transformational Empowerment of Adolescent Marginalised Girls in Malawi) reaches some of the most marginalised adolescent girls in Malawi by creating community learning centres, building sexual and reproductive health knowledge, strengthening family and community support, improving child protection and education systems, and giving girls and their families skills to earn. 

Key facts

previously out-of-school girls will be reached
community learning centres across three districts
communities will be supported
facilitators trained in teaching literacy and maths as well as sexual health and resilience

How we are making a difference

This project balances meeting the urgent needs of girls with addressing the systemic barriers preventing their access to education, particularly those created by gender, disability and power inequalities.

Halfway through the project, we are already seeing great results.

of girls improved in reading and 86% improved in maths
of girls and 89% of community members reported that the project has increased access to education
of learning facilitators are now using at least one of Link’s child-centred teaching methods
of girls showed improved life skills

How do we do it?

In community-based classes these out-of-school girls and their male peers learn basic literacy, numeracy and life skills. Youth Clubs impart sexual and reproductive health knowledge, and develop resilience and self-esteem.

Improved school leadership will make schools safer, more inclusive spaces, and community engagement will raise aspirations for marginalised young people while protecting them from abuse and child marriage.

Our holistic support empowers girls to choose their own pathway into mainstream education, vocational training or employment. By working through local government and in partnership with communities, these changes will be sustained in the long term.

Girls will further be supported by sister-project, Reaching Our Goals, which provides additional social and emotional support through special netball-based classes.

I am excited that I have completed my two-year learning journey. I am now able to read and do calculations. I believe these skills will help me run a small business so that I can continue to take care of my family.
Memory, Graduating Learner