Fair Work Statement

Link's commitment to Fair Work First

At Link Education International (Link) we are committed to promoting fairness, inclusivity, and employee well-being in our workplace. We fully align ourselves with the principles outlined in the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy.

Our commitment to fair work includes:

Open Communication

We encourage open dialogue and provide channels for employees to express their thoughts and ideas. We undertake anonymous staff surveys and results are communicated to staff and action plans are developed and reviewed. We actively engage with our workforce through regular meetings and feedback mechanisms.

Flexible Work Arrangements

We offer flexible and family-friendly working options from day one of employment. We support remote or hybrid work, enabling employees to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.

Investment in Workforce Development

We invest in continuous staff development with training requirements identified during annual appraisals. Employees are encouraged to access learning opportunities with a personal development allowance and paid study leave offered. 

Financial Security

Link pays the Real Living Wage. We have no zero-hours contracts and do not employ fire and rehire practices. Our aim is to provide job security and financial stability to our employees.

Respectful Workplace

We believe in treating every member of the Link team with dignity and respect. We are committed to a respectful workplace and an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, or victimisation.