How Money is Spent

Working towards a world where every child has the right to a quality education.

Link is a grassroots charity working to transform education across some of the poorest rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

We focus on improving teaching and learning, as well as building life skills and promoting inclusion for the most marginalised. By working with governments and schools we create systemic change, empowering communities to escape the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

Your money will support our work across Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda – 97p of every £1 donated is spent directly on our life-changing programmes. The remaining 3p goes towards essential overheads like office costs, fundraising and administration to keep our organisation and projects running smoothly.

Your money can make a difference

With your support we can:
  • Strengthen school management and help headteachers become better leaders, make the best use of their resources and plan effectively
  • Promote community engagement to raise awareness of the standard of education children are entitled to and empower community members to hold schools and governments accountable for achieving that standard
  • Build teaching quality through holistic, child-centred methods that work from the heart of communities
  • Challenge inequalities to improve education systems for everyone, making sure the most vulnerable marginalised children receive the extra support they need
  • Improve learning environments to create safe spaces that encourage children to attend school and raise their educational attainment

We take care to make sure projects work within existing systems, and are owned and fully embedded in the schools and communities where we work, ensuring the changes we bring about are sustainable and long-lasting. Through partnerships with local groups and governments, we make sure our projects are relevant and targeted to overcome specific challenges.

This is long term work, which is why regular support is so valuable to help us continue our mission to make quality education a right for all children.

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