Strategy and Vision

Our vision is a world where every child has the right to quality education.

Our mission is to inspire sustainable innovations in national education policy using grassroots approaches to improve accountability and learner outcomes.

Our strategy to achieve this centres around five key goals:

Strengthening education systems

We build capacity to deliver quality education at all levels from communities and school leaders to local and national government.

Key strands of our work include:

  • Sharing real time data to embed ownership and accountability
  • Engaging communities to support improvement and hold education systems accountable
  • Enabling inclusive and safe education for all, with a particular focus on girls and the most vulnerable
  • Supporting safeguarding processes from school to national policy level
  • Building leadership within communities, schools and government
  • Strengthening professional development for teachers
  • Increasing opportunities for life-long learning

We partner with ministries of education to support their national education sector plans and the African Agenda 2063 targets.

Maximising impact

Through maintaining robust monitoring, evaluation and learning systems we contribute to evidence-based education advocacy, policy and planning.

We raise the profile of education, particularly for the marginalised, by community engagement and better resource allocation.

Engaging in strategic partnerships helps us achieve holistic and lasting change, and we actively participate in national education coalitions.

Sharing learning allows us to scale up our successful models and we leverage government resources to make these successes sustainable.

Promoting education in emergencies

We design and share safe, inclusive, rights-based protocols to respond to crises. We advocate for the prioritisation of education in emergency responses and are active members of education emergency cluster response hubs.

Building resilience to climate change challenges

To prepare for climate change challenges, we work with communities and schools to improve learning and plan for eventualities like drought, floods and food insecurity.

We partner with climate change thought leaders and embed education for sustainable development within activities like teacher training, governance guidelines and curricula review.

To minimise our environmental impact, we modify and review the way we work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Advocating for education to be a global priority

Education builds resilience and helps individuals, communities and countries adapt, survive and thrive in times of challenge. This is why we promote education for all.

We share data and learning at regional, national and international levels to strengthen political will, contribute to global evidence-based policy and planning, and campaign to make the right to quality education a reality for every child across the world.

Our values


Our principles

Collective leadership and decision-making
Equality of opportunity
Harmonised governance
Partnership and collaborative working
Environmental responsibility
Champion diversity