Strategy and Vision

Our vision is a world where every child has the right to quality education.

Our mission is to inspire sustainable innovations in national education policy using grassroots approaches to improve accountability and learner outcomes.

Our strategy to achieve this centres around five key goals:

Strengthen Education Systems
Support Education in Emergencies
Build Climate Change Resilience
Engage Community Voice and Accountability
Transform Girls’ Education

Strengthen education systems

Link works across every level of education systems to encourage improvements that are high quality, sustainable, and meet the needs of all. We have committed to

  • Improve school management
  • Build teaching quality
  • Enhance teaching and learning environments
  • Ensure more equitable and inclusive access to education
  • Strengthen data for evidence-based school improvement
  • Support early childhood, primary and secondary education

Support education in emergencies

Education can be one of the first things to be disrupted in emergency situations, and yet it is also a powerful way to enhance protection, prevention and prosperity of communities experiencing conflict or disaster. We have committed to

  • Adhere to the international minimum standards for Education in Emergencies
  • Advocate for the prioritisation of education in emergency response
  • Participate in Education Emergency Cluster Response hubs
  • Focus on the hardest to reach
  • Strengthen school and community leadership to prepare and respond
  • Build Back Better

Build climate change resilience

Education is essential in our fight to save the planet. It shapes stronger, more equitable and healthier communities, leads to more efficient and sustainable farming practices, creates thriving economies and builds resilience in the face of conflict and emergencies – including those caused by climate change. We have committed to

  • Embed climate change resilience in school improvement planning
  • Strengthen the voice of children and young people in climate resilience
  • Support climate change education through school clubs, teacher training, and school leadership and management
  • Prioritise community engagement and parental involvement in building resilient learning environments
  • Promote education resilience planning and coordination across government sectors
  • Partner with climate change thought leaders
  • Change the way we work to reduce our carbon footprint

Encourage community voice and accountability

Community participation, ownership and agency is at the heart of improving education and schools for all children. Through our work, we will ensure

  • Communities value education for all learners
  • Communities know what makes a good quality school
  • Communities actively participate in school governance committees
  • Communities hold schools accountable for delivering quality education
  • Communities take action to improve schools and support education for all groups
  • Communities affect change through partnerships

Transform girls’ education

Every girl has the right to education. Not only does it help them to reach their full potential, but it can be transformative for their communities and society as a whole. Whilst millions of girls are still missing out on this fundamental right, Link we have committed to

  • Train teachers to address girls’ learning needs
  • Strengthen leadership and supervision for girls’ education – at school and system level
  • Support school improvement planning for girls’ education
  • Provide menstruation products and safe spaces
  • Promote girls’ clubs to focus on building life skills and resilience
  • Embed Social and Emotional Learning and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Shift social norms to support girls’ education
  • Ensure schools are safe for girls

Our values


Our principles

Collective leadership and decision-making
Equality of opportunity
Harmonised governance
Partnership and collaborative working
Environmental responsibility
Champion diversity