School Sponsorship

School sponsorship is a really effective way of helping hundreds of children get a decent start in life. We know that good schools providing a good education is a realistic goal, and we know what it takes to achieve it.

When you choose school sponsorship with Link, your gift helps hundreds of children across schools get a better start in life.

Donations give us the freedom to be creative, come up with innovative solutions and demonstrate their effectiveness with our school, community and district partners. This means we positively impact the whole district rather than creating islands of excellence, achieving system-wide change with interventions that are proven to make a difference.

We work at national level too, advocating for changes to education policy that can reach and benefit every school child in the country. That’s the key to bring about sustainable, long-lasting and far-reaching change that builds a brighter future for all children.

As a sponsor you will receive biannual updates on Link’s work and the state of education in the district so you can see the changes you are helping to make possible.

Sponsor a school