Improving School Leadership for Student Learning and Equity

Strengthening school leadership in Afar, Somali, Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz, for scale-up across Ethiopia


The General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity (GEQIP-E) programme assists the government of Ethiopia in improving internal efficiency, equitable access and quality in general education. Link delivered activities within TARGET, the technical assistance component of GEQIP-E, which supported improving school leadership for equity and improved learning, with a focus on the most marginalised learners.

Key facts

  • Reached 609,236 learners (270,658 female)
  • Developed the capacity of 1,638 school leaders (119 female)
  • 4 School Leader Continuous Professional Development Toolkits produced with a focus on equity and inclusion, piloted in 972 schools
  • Developed the capacity of 384 Woreda Cluster Supervisors to deliver the Toolkits to school leaders and provide follow-up support.

What did Link do?

Link led on the school leadership component. Activities included:

  • Developed four School Leader continuous professional development toolkits with a focus on leadership for equity, inclusion and learning
  • Using the Toolkits, developed school leader capacity to engage school communities in support of schools and marginalised learners, increasing school resources and improving accountability
  • Trained Woreda Cluster Supervisors to deliver training to school leaders using the Toolkits, and provide ongoing follow-up mentoring and coaching support
  • Empowered school leaders to select training content relevant to their needs, and keep a portfolio of progress and learning
  • Worked in partnership with four Regional Education Bureaus and embedded leadership monitoring and coaching practices at regional level

“I learned a lot from the four toolkits, for example, Toolkit 1 helped me on how to lead meetings, writing minutes and how I should be an instructional leader; from Toolkit 2, I have got the necessary skills and knowledge on how to bring the community into school issues; Toolkit 3 enabled me to enrol, identify and support pupils who have special educational needs and or disabilities. This toolkit also helped me understand and respond to the specific needs and interests of students; Toolkit 4 helped me how to support teachers so as to improve the teaching learning process.” (School leader primary level)