Our impact

With governments and communities, we transform education across some of the poorest areas of Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda.

During 2022-2023:

learners reached
schools and learning centres supported
community members engaged
teachers and school leaders trained
  • Supports global commitments to providing at least 12 years of education for every child
  • Strengthens education systems to be holistic and focus on foundational literacy and numeracy alongside social and emotional skills 
  • Delivers two ‘Great Buys’ and five ‘promising buys’ within the World Bank GEEAP framework.

2022-2023 highlights:

Scale-up to an additional 456 schools, 12,182 teachers, and 460,070 learners beyond current Ethiopian project
of TEAM Girl Malawi girls can read, write and use maths compared to national average of 13%
of project schools provided an effective teaching and learning environment compared to 23% at baseline in Uganda
Girls’ clubs
“The project has equipped us with knowledge so that we delay in getting married … and we can protect ourselves” – Girls’ Club member, Malawi

Resources and Reports