TEAM Girl Malawi - Endline Evaluation Summary

The UK Aid funded TEAM Girl Malawi project (TEAM) supported 6,300, previously out of school, young people to complete two years of Complementary Basic Education (CBE), also known as non-formal or accelerated education. Girls’ Clubs educated them about their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and improved their life skills and social and emotional learning (SEL). TEAM also delivered vocational and financial literacy training. Participants are now able to read, write, and can understand and apply arithmetic. They have become more confident about making the right decisions for their lives and more resilient to withstand change. Most are earning an income.

TEAM Girl Malawi Endline Evaluation summary – how did we do?

The project was designed, delivered and adapted with national and local government staff, communities and primary schools to directly strengthen the government’s CBE programme, expand it to meet the needs of marginalised children, including those with disabilities, and ensure graduates have the skills to lead safe, productive and independent lives.

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