Pre-school Advice and Support Pilot

Ethiopia (Wolaita Zone), 2016-2017

What we achieved

five and six year old children reached
headteachers and deputies and 94 local education officials trained on supervision of preschool teaching
Early Childhood Development teachers trained in effective preschool teaching
of trainees demonstrated improved knowledge through post-training assessments


The vast majority of Ethiopian children receive little or no preschool education. The small percentage of children who can access preschool are based in urban areas and attend private fee paying facilities.

The grade one primary curriculum assumes basic literacy and numeracy, leaving rural children disadvantaged from the outset. In addition to ‘starting to fail’ academically, these children also miss out on the social, emotional and basic life skills taught at preschool level.

Aims and objectives

The goal of this project was to pilot a training and support model for preschool teachers in four woredas (local districts) of rural Wolaita. We wanted to increase the availability of innovative, relevant training materials and build teachers’ knowledge of effective preschool teaching methods and curriculum delivery.

At regional and zone level, an elevated understanding of the need and ability to train and support school directors and educators was important. This was alongside enhancing the capacity of Hawassa Teachers’ College and regional education bureau staff to create and deliver innovative, relevant training to future educators.

How we got there

We provided specialist training for teachers in line with Ethiopia’s national Early Childhood Care and Education policy covering:

  • Early childhood development theory
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Preschool curriculum
  • Preschool methodology
  • Preparation and use of appropriate locally made learning aids
  • Early years’ assessment

Plus we introduced training for school directors and woreda officials which included improvement planning for preschool posts and monitoring implementation of targets on preschool plans.