A new partnership in Malawi

CUMO Microfinance Limited are coming on board to be part of  our girls’ education project in Malawi. The project is helping young people who have either never been to school, or who dropped out before they had learned how to read and write, to get a fresh start.

After they have graduated from our community-based learning centres, CUMO will be training and supporting selected learners in savings and entrepreneurship. They’ll help to identify potential sustainable business opportunities in local communities. Following training, they will also assist eligible young people to join or form a Village Savings and Loans group, or receive and manage a small loan to support their business.

CUMO is one of Malawi’s largest microfinance service providers. It has a majority-female client base and focuses on working with extremely rural communities. People living in these remote regions are often not reached by larger providers. A crucial part of our work is making sure that learners have real opportunities when they leave our programmes. We can’t think of a better fit for Link, and we look forward to working together to support even more young people to follow their dreams.

Find out more about our girls’ education work here.