Training Primary School Headteachers in Kikuube, Uganda

We check in with our colleague, Josephine, in Uganda as she provides training to school leaders and headteachers in Kikuube district:

In the districts Link supports, we were able to assist the District Inspectors in data collection, analysis and reporting. After receiving their report, Kikuube district leadership decided to carry forward one of the recommendations – to provide leadership and school improvement planning training to all primary school headteachers. Topics covered in this training included: Leadership and Governance, Asset Management and Record Keeping, School Performance Review and Improvement Planning, Procurement, Performance Management and Appraisals. The training took place over three days and was jointly delivered by Link staff and respective district sector heads.

I was very encouraged by the response from the participants:

There is no way I can be a performing Chief Administrative Officer if my Head teachers and other institutional heads are not doing well. This training was informed by the School Performance Review and Inspection report and we want to make sure that findings are addressed through capacity building, mentoring and physical support and in this training I will focus on leadership and management

Senior district official, Kikuube District

I feel like this training was meant for me. As a headteacher, I have been struggling with accountabilities because I have been paying out money without any proper documentation in place. I have now learnt from this training, that any financial payments must be based on a valid and duly approved request

Headteacher, Rwenyawawa Primary School

During the training, the headteachers also agreed that whilst they have done well in setting performance objectives, performance management is lacking and this is greatly affecting the teaching and learning process.

I’m pleased with the feedback we received from the training and hope that these school leaders will now have the skills and confidence to improve their schools and ultimately give more children a better quality education.

Josephine Akiru is the Programme Director of Link in Uganda