Reaching Our Goals

Link together with United Purpose had a four days training under a new project called Reaching Our Goals. The training was aimed to ensure that all facilitators implementing the project are trained on sports and development curriculum and also empowering them on how they can use sports, specifically netball, in delivering sexual reproductive health and life skills to learners.

Reaching Our Goals is a two-year project which aims to improve adolescent girls’ ability to make informed decisions about their future, better enabling them to lead the lives they choose.  The project is being implemented in Mpombe, Mwenje, Chauma and Lodzanyama community learning centres in Dedza district, Malawi.

Dedza District Project Manager, Sophie Mhoni, said, “Sports is a very good strategy as it will motivate more learners to attend classes thereby enabling them to be informed and have a wider range of education opportunities.”

Netball session underway

Reaching our Goals will provide additional support to enable the most vulnerable to complete the programme, and follow their chosen transition pathway.

The facilitators were very excited with the coming of this new project and they were so keen to learn more. They said, “Reaching Our Goals project will motivate more learners to attend classes thereby improving on attendance because sports is fun.”

It was also exciting to note that learners will also be able to learn other indigenous games, especially those that might not be able to play netball due to other physical disabilities, as part of social inclusion. 

A netball session with Coach Peter of United Purpose