Our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Breaking down barriers with Daliso Chaponda

Every child has the right to an education.

Sadly, for too many children around the world, that right is far from a reality.

Children like Enita from Malawi, who dropped out of school after her family separated.

Enita couldn’t read, write or count and was left behind other children her age. Isolated and lacking in confidence, she faced a bleak future.

Enita reads with her Aunt, Patuma

That’s where Link came in. We looked at all the barriers standing in her way, and broke them down – helping her to catch up on the basics and supporting her to believe in herself. Enita now dreams of being a teacher.

We want to help more children like Enita. That’s why we’ve teamed up with famous Malawian comedian, Daliso Chaponda who’ll be making our BBC Radio 4 Appeal to bring Enita’s story to life.

Tune in at 07:54 or 21:25 on Sunday 29 May to hear Daliso share Enita’s story.

Hear why Daliso supports Link